Please note: Currently serving students virtually.
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Tipi Raising at Aboriginal Culture Day

The Nîsôhkamâtotân Centre will be hosting a number of virtual events in 20/21.

Please join the Nîsôhkamâtotân Centre for Pîkskwetân (Let's Talk). Pikiswêtan provides a safe space for discussion of historic and contemporary topics such as The History of Residential Schools & Inter-Generational Trauma.

Pîkiskwetân (Let's Talk) dates and topics:

  • To be determined

Please note: These events are for NAIT students and staff only. Linked meetings are only accessible when Microsoft Teams is accessed using a NAIT username and ID.

Main Events

Please note: All in person events postponed due to COVID-19.

  • Aboriginal Culture Day

  • Men’s Pipe Ceremonies and Women's Circles

    • These events will be held twice per semester for a total of 4 times per academic school year (Sept., Nov., Jan., Mar.) and are intended to represent the 4 seasons of the year.
  • Stew & Bannock 

  • Bannock-Fest

  • Bannock Championship

  • Aboriginal Student Year End Celebration