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Welcome to Ook life!

We're so excited that you've chosen NAIT as your new home. We have tons of great services to keep you connected and plenty of extracurricular activities to  keep your life sufficiently busy. 

Get ready to start your adventure, learn about orientation and check-off the necessary tasks before your first day on campus. 

Our first day on campus.

nait orientation


Now that you're a NAIT Ook, you might be thinking: "wow, there is a lot I need to learn about being a new student at NAIT!" But don’t worry — New Student Orientation is your one stop shop to get everything organized, to meet new friends and get yourself orientated at NAIT. We're here to help you get your bearings and understand what you need to know to make the most of your time here. 

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getting to nait

Getting to NAIT

You can drive, ride or take transit to get to NAIT.  Learn how to get around our campuses and about parking, facilities and security services.

How to get to Main Campus  Maps & Locations 
one at nait card

one AT NAIT Card

Your one AT NAIT card serves as your official NAIT identification card, and it also allows you to add funds to use at eat AT NAIT and shop AT NAIT locations and wherever one AT NAIT cards are accepted. The one AT NAIT card gives you access to all of NAIT’s recreation facilities, library, printing on campus and, with an active U-Pass sticker, will give you access to Edmonton Transit Services (ETS).

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Where to go next!

MyNAIT Portal

Now that you have a portal account, it's time to sync up your schedule, double check those class locations and figure out your fees.

You can also use it to get more info on how to sign up for parking, and find out what kind of recreation and intramural activities are available on the Student Services site.

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Enrolling in Courses

Our courses are flexible so you can take classes where and when you want.

Whether you're looking for credit, non-credit or continuing education, or apprenticeship training, there's no better time to get started.

Online Enrolment How to Apply 

Campus Emergency App

NAIT Alert

Download the free  NAIT Alert mobile app to receive notifications from NAIT during emergencies. It’s available for iOS and Android devices from the following app stores.

Enable push notification and location services on your mobile device to use NAIT Alert in-app features.

Learn more about the NAIT Alert app

What's on Campus?

shop AT NAIT

shop at NAIT

shop AT NAIT  is your one stop shop for learning resources, supplies, NAIT apparel, tech accessories & more! This is the spot to grab your books and school supplies. You can visit one of our three convenient locations or shop online at to purchase a variety of products.

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eat at NAIT

The eat AT NAIT motto is simple, we  provide excellent food at great value with superior customer service. We are proudly owned and operated by NAIT, with  13 unique eatery locations on Main Campus, and additional locations at Souch and Patricia campuses.

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There’s tons going on at NAIT to help you have fun while you’re working hard at school. We have a variety of activities and events hosted by various groups around campus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my classes?

The best way to find your classes is to familiarize yourself with NAIT before they start. Check out the online map to learn where the various buildings are. Print your class schedule with room numbers and bring it to orientation! We can help you find your classes. 

Where can I get my books?

You can purchase your books at shop AT NAIT or on their online storeShop AT NAIT has a three locations: Main Campus, Souch Campus and Patricia Campus. Your booklist is available online, under the "Books and Supplies” link of your MyNAIT Portal’s dashboard.

How do I get a locker?

Lockers are available on all campuses and to all students. There are different processes for renting a locker, depending on your campus.To rent a locker on main campus, use the online rental system via the NAIT Student Portal.

Is there a gym?

Yes, there is a gym on each campus. Plus, regardless of what campus you attend, you have access to all 3 gyms with your one AT NAIT card. NAIT also has intramurals, fitness classes and athletics teams.

How do I join a club or find out about NAIT events?

NAIT has almost 80 student clubs and a ton of events for you to check out. Check out NAITSA for all your student club and event information!

I have a disability or a barrier to learning, is there support for me?

Yes. NAIT has a number of supports for all students with disabilities. Get in touch with us or check out our online Learning Services site  to  get the support you need! 

Explore your program options

There are many different ways to experience a NAIT education, from full-time diploma programs and apprenticeships to part-time degrees. Let us help you choose what's right for you.

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Are you a current student?

Visit the Student Services site