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one AT NAIT card

Your one AT NAIT card serves as your official NAIT identification card, and it also allows you to add funds to use at eat AT NAIT and shop AT NAIT  locations and wherever one AT NAIT cards are accepted. The one AT NAIT card gives you access to all of NAIT’s recreation facilities, library, printing on campus and, with an active U-Pass sticker, will give you access to Edmonton Transit Services (ETS).

Upload your photo Add funds Manage your account

How to use your one AT NAIT card

  1. Upload your photo

    Upload your photo to skip the line when picking up your new one AT NAIT card. Once you have received your confirmation email approving your photo, you can pick up your card in person from the one AT NAIT office (Room O112) or satellite campus administration offices during regular business hours. You can also upload your photo by using a mobile device.

  2. Add Money

    Add funds on your one AT NAIT card with cash, credit or debit at any eat AT NAIT location (except Tim Hortons and Subway), shop AT NAIT or Library Services. You can also add funds with credit or debit at the one AT NAIT office, or online using a credit or VISA debit card. Food and retail locations at NAIT will still accept credit, debit or cash as a means of payment.

  3. Start using your card

    Use your card for purchases at any shop AT NAIT or eat AT NAIT location. Your card also serves as your identification for the NAIT gym, library and for printing on campus.

  4. Manage your card

    You can login online to view your balance and access your account history. You can also deactivate your card if it has been lost or stolen.

Cards are currently issued to students and staff in person all-year round at the one AT NAIT office, located on Main Campus in the South Lobby (Room O112).

Remember to bring in a government-issued photo ID (driver's license or passport), which you must present in order to pick up your card.

Cards will also be issued during student intakes at Souch, Patricia and Spruce Grove satellite campuses or will be distributed through the satellite campus administration office.

Deposits by parents, friends or third-party

Parents can make deposits on behalf of students by visiting the Parental Deposit page. Funds can be deposited to student cards using debit or credit card. Parents will require the student ID number and date of birth to deposit funds. A receipt will be sent to the email address entered on the payment page upon successful completion of a deposit. Parents will not be able to withdraw funds once deposited, nor will they have access to financial statements, card balances or transaction history.


Your U-Pass is your student transit pass while you are a student at NAIT.

Key things to know

  • The U-Pass is a sticker that goes on your student ID card. You get a new sticker every semester.
  • The U-Pass is a mandatory student fee for all credit students.

Please visit the NAIT Students' Association page for full details about the U-Pass, including common questions


Damaged Card Replacement (with card to exchange) $10.00
Lost/Stolen Replacement Card $25.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still get my card if I don't have a piece of government-issued photo ID?

Yes. You must have 2 pieces of government-issued non-photo ID, such as

  • birth certificate
  • health care card
  • social insurance card
  • temporary driver's license

If I make a deposit to my one AT NAIT card online with a credit card, is it considered a purchase or a cash advance?

Deposits to one AT NAIT accounts are always processed as purchases.

If I lose my one AT NAIT card, do I lose the money I have in my account?

No. Your funds remain on your account, which you will be able to access with a replacement card. However, your one AT NAIT card is your responsibility - you must immediately deactivate your card to prevent someone else from using it.

How do I get a refund?

Refunds for purchases made on your one AT NAIT card can be processed at the point of sale where the transaction was made.
Refunds of any one AT NAIT account balances will be made only if a request is made by you in person and your relationship to NAIT is terminated. There is a $25 fee for processing refund requests. 

Can I pay my tuition and other fees using my one AT NAIT account?

No. Funds loaded on your one AT NAIT account cannot be used to pay tuition or fees posted to your student account. 

How much does a one AT NAIT card cost?

Your first one AT NAIT card is provided to you at no cost. Replacement cards are available at a cost of $25 per card.

Can I still use my old NAIT Express Card at food and retail locations on campus?

Yes. NAIT Express Cards will still be accepted, but you will be encouraged to transfer your balance to your one AT NAIT account.

Can I punch a hole in my one AT NAIT card?

No. Punching holes in your card could damage the embedded chip.

How do I check the status of the photo I have uploaded online?

If you haven't received an email to tell you if your photo has been approved or disapproved you can click here to check the status.

What should I do if my one AT NAIT card has been lost or stolen?

If you think your card has been lost or stolen, you should immediately deactivate it online. During office hours, you can report your card as lost or stolen by calling 780.491.1355, or in person at the one AT NAIT office in the South Lobby (Room O112).

What happens to money on my account at the end of the year?

Your one AT NAIT card account balance will not expire. Balances automatically carry over to the following year.

Can I withdraw money from my one AT NAIT card account?

Fund withdrawals from one AT NAIT card accounts are not permitted.

What happens if I lose my U-Pass sticker?

If you lose your U-Pass sticker and wish to replace it, there is a replacement fee. For more information about replacing your U-Pass and the U-Pass program, please visit the NAITSA U-Pass website.

Will I lose the print credits I had on my old student or staff Equitrac card?

No. Your print credits are connected to your one AT NAIT account (staff or student) and are accessible through your new one AT NAIT card.

Can I use my phone to upload my one AT NAIT card photo?

Yes, the NAIT MyPhoto site is mobile friendly and will allow smartphone users to easily upload your photo right from your phone.

Door Access

Is there a new process to request access to NAIT buildings or parkades?

No. The process to request access remains the same.
To request access to your work area, visit the Facilities: Keys and Access page and complete the appropriate form. You will be required to obtain authorization before emailing the completed form to keys@nait.ca.
For all NAIT employees, staff parking permit information and visitor forms can be found on the Parking Services page.

What do I do if I lose my one AT NAIT card? 

If you realize that your one AT NAIT card has been lost or stolen, you should immediately deactivate it online. If you find your card before you get a new one you can always reactivate it. Replacement cards can be obtained from the one AT NAIT office, at a cost of $25.

Can I access classrooms or meeting rooms using my one AT NAIT card?

No. Classrooms and meeting rooms still require keyed entry, or access code entry for select meeting rooms in CAT.


Can I have a second access card? 

No. In order to maintain the safety and security of our campus, only one access credential – the one AT NAIT card – will be granted per person.

What do I do if my access card doesn’t work? 

If your one AT NAIT card isn’t working after it’s been activated by the one AT NAIT office, please contact one@nait.ca