Homeschooled students

Be future-ready with NAIT

Discover our programs, pathways and support services to help you succeed in your future career. If you are home-educated and have an official provincial transcript, NAIT is the next step in your education journey.

NAIT will prepare you to be future-ready with: 

  • Hands-on, technology-based programs
  • State-of-the-art labs and equipment
  • Co-op placements and work-integrated learning
  • Small class sizes: 20-50 students

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Your future career

Have you dreamed of owning your own business? Are you drawn to computers and IT? Do you love working with people? Discover which programs are the right fit for your future career and learn what you'll need to be admitted to NAIT. 

Degrees, diplomas and certificates

Explore our degree, diploma and certificate programs in business, sciences, technology, health and trades.

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Apprenticeship training

Interested in the trades? Choose an apprenticeship or diploma/certificate pathway to earn your Journeyperson Certificate.

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Entrance requirements

Learn about our program entrance requirements including grade averages, high school course requirements, pathways and more.

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Pathways to NAIT

You have several different pathway options available as a homeschooled student.

Academic upgrading

Need to upgrade or review courses to get into a diploma or certificate program? Our Academic Upgrading program is tailored to your unique goals and existing level of knowledge.

Open studies

Try out day, evening, or online credit courses without committing to a program. Take credit courses to meet entrance requirements for programs like Business Administration.

High school equivalency

If you are missing or need to improve your marks in English, Math, Physics, Chemistry or Biology, you may wish to challenge one or more NAIT equivalency tests.

Grade 12 diploma exams

NAIT's entrance requirements are based on the Alberta Education Programs of Study. You can challenge the Alberta Education diploma exams to meet requirements.

Our community and support services

Shifting from a home education to a post-secondary environment might feel overwhelming. Don't worry! We have student services, staff and activities all year round to make you feel right at home at NAIT. 

Are you from outside of Edmonton? Discover why our city is great and housing options available as a NAIT student.

Health and well-being

Students' health and well-being are a top priority at NAIT. We have counselling services, peer support, recreation programs, a fitness facility and more!

Learning services

Tutoring, learning strategy sessions, assistive technology, exam support, study groups and online resources are available to support your success.

Student awards and funding options

Different students have different needs when it comes to funding assistance. Explore our options for student aid, loans, scholarships and bursaries.

The NAIT community

Whether you join a student club, catch a sports game or attend an event, you’ll find there are endless ways to get involved in NAIT's community.

Continue exploring

There are even more ways to explore our programs, services and campus! Check out our digital viewbook, discover new programs with the Find Your Future Quiz and explore with upcoming events, info sessions and our virtual campus tour.

Find Your Future Quiz

How do your skills and personality match up with a NAIT program? Take our short quiz and get some ideas about what programs would be a good choice for you.

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Viewbook 2024-25

Scroll through our easy-to-follow guide to NAIT and our 2024-2025 program offerings and entrance requirements.

Tours, events and info sessions

Take a virtual tour of campus, explore our virtual events and sign up for an info session to learn more about NAIT and our programs.

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Interested in applying? Meet with a NAIT recruiter one-on-one to ask about entrance requirements, how to complete the online application  and what NAIT student life is like. 

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Meet with an advisor

Have questions? Chat with an advisor to discuss our programs, pathways and supports.

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