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Looking to up-skill in your current career or want to journey down a new career path in web development, graphic design, and  computer networks? Our Continuing Education  programs, certificates, and micro-credentials can help you take the next step in your career.

We offer small class sizes and flexible learning options (including face to face, online, and hybrid delivery) with experienced instructors to keep your education engaging and convenient. When you register for one of our programs or courses, you can be confident that you’re receiving the practical knowledge and job-ready skills you need to be successful.

Popular Courses

AutoCAD Operator Certificate

AutoCAD Operator

Want to be an AutoCAD master?

 Discover the intricacies of AutoCAD, industry-standard 2D and 3D design and drafting software, to coordinate systems and software to create technical plans. This certificate can be completed in just four weeks!

AutoCAD is used by architectural, mechanical, and civil engineering organizations worldwide.

Master AutoCAD

Digital Illustration & Comic Art Certificate

Digital Illustration Certificate

Want to draw, design, and illustrate digitally?

Bring your digital art to life. Learn to create characters, surrounding environments, and rendered illustrations. This certificate will equip you with the skills to tell a story with your art. 

Join millions of designers and artists who leverage their art skills to create graphic novels, comic books, video games, and much more! 

Become a digital artist

Infographic Design Certificate

Infographic certificate

Want to tell powerful stories using data and design?

Are you interested in using graphic design to tell engaging stories? NAIT's Infographic Certificate will teach you how to communicate data or statistics using design. 

Upon completion, students will know how to input data, create font face and typography, and master Adobe Illustrator. You will leave this certificate with a portfolio-ready infographic. 

Enhance your design skills

Core Network+ Certificate

Core Network+ Certificate

Want to be a networking expert?

Upgrade your network skills and learn network design, data communication models, and network security. NAIT's Core Network+ certificate will take your IT skills to a new level. 

Get practical hands-on learning in-person this summer . The courses in this program are based on the CompTIA Network+ certification objectives. Leave this program ready to challenge the CompTIA Network+ certificate. 

Take charge of your networking career

Web Design Core Certificate

Web Design Core

Want to be a skilled web designer?

Harness the power of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Dreamweaver to bring your web design skills to the next level. NAIT's Web Design Core will teach you how to create effective and engaging websites. 

This certificate will equip  students with the foundational skills to understand technical considerations, practical testing, and legal issues when building a website. 

Create amazing web experiences

Looking for something else?

There are over 120 different technology, IT, and creative  courses and certificates to just from.

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