Student Promotional Awards 2018

Published on September 06, 2018


In the Promotional Campaign Planning class, student ad agencies work for local industry clients. Teams may pitch their campaigns to the advertising industry judging panel. Winners are announced at the wrap-up banquet that is well attended by the local advertising community.

2018 Project Materials


IDEYA Agency

Athena Alabat, Kihmary Somcio, Karen Velasco

View IDEYA's videos:

YWCA GirlSpace (Group 1)

Triage Creative

Amber Petersen, Belle Shaw, Lexie Federkiewicz


Neo Juicery

ZAM Creative

Zarah Del Rosario, Marvin Pasalo, Annie Melnychuk


La Poutine (Group 1)

5FOOT4 Marketing

Alexa Prins, Rachelle Durocher

Edmonton Humane Society: Pets in the Park

BAAR: The Agency

Alex Chhada, Amanda Lemieux, Bailee Mah, Riley Winters

YWCA GirlSpace (Group 2)

M&M Creative

Meera Anand, Maria Rubio

La Poutine (Group 2)

PBR Creative

Pamela Armstrong, Bron Petrovic, Romy Abud

Edmonton Hot Chocolate Festival: Easte Seals

Raindrop Marketing

Riley Holmes, Gabriel Charles, Ahmad Bello, Khang Tran

NAIT Athletics

TASS Marketing

Shelby Dilling, Simon Fawcett, Teagan Woolf, Alia Flintoft

Marketing Materials

2018 Teams

The student campaigns and presentations this year made for difficult decisions on which teams would go forward and pitch to the industry panel. This year six teams were selected to present to our panel of industry experts. The successful teams appear below.

BAAR: The Agency

Team 1 - BAAR: The Agency

Client: Edmonton Humane Society: Pets in the Park

Amanda Lemieux, Alex Chhada, Bailee Mah and Riley Winters

5FOOT4 Marketing

Team 2 - 5FOOT4 Marketing

Client: La Poutine

Alexa Prins and Rachelle Durocher

ZAM Creative

Team 3 - ZAM Creative

Client: Neo Juicery

Zarah Del Rosario, Annie Melnychuk and Marvin Pasalo

IDEYA Agency

Team 4 - IDEYA Agency

Client: MsPinkPanther

Althea Alabat, Kihmary Somcio and Karen Velasco

PBR Creative

Team 5 - PBR Creative

Client: La Poutine

Pamela Armstrong, Bron Petrovic and Romy Abud

Triage Creative

Team 6 - Triage Creative

Client: YWCA GirlSpace

Amber Peterson, Lexie Federkiewicz and Belle Shaw

2018 Awards

Best Overall Campaign Proposal

IDEYA Agency with Brenna Vroogd

This award, sponsored by the Advertising Club of Edmonton, recognizes the project that best provides a workable, creative solution to the client’s problem within the financial and logistical constraints presented. Congratulations to the team from IDEYA Agency for their campaign to launch custom scented candle company Mixed.

From the left, Althea Alabat, Karen Velasco, Advertising Club of Edmonton President, Brenna Vroogd and Kihmary Somcio.

Best Presentation

Triage Creative with Calder Bateman

This award from Calder Bateman Communications recognizes the team that best communicates and sells their idea to the panel within the time allotted. Congratulations to the team from Triage Creative for their campaign for the YWCA GirlSpace program.

From the left – Belle Shaw, Amber Petersen, Lexie Federkiewicz, and Craig Marler from Calder Bateman.

The Big Idea Award

ZAM Creative with Martha Jamieson

Presented by DDB Edmonton, this award recognizes the team that has approached a problem and solved it in a unique and workable manner. Congratulations to ZAM Creative for their big idea for their client Neo Juicery.

From left: Zarah Del Rosario, Annie Melnychuk, Marvin Pasalo, and Martha Jamieson, from DDB Edmonton

Best Media Solution

5FOOT4 Marketing with Tania Nease

Presented by MEDIACTIVE to the team that chooses a strategic media solution to reach the identified target audience in the best possible manner while reinforcing the positioning of the company. Congratulations to the team from 5FOOT4 Marketing for their campaign for La Poutine.

From Left – Alexa Prins, Rachelle Durocher and Tania Nease from MEDIACTIVE.

Excellence in Brand Management

Aurea Vasseur with IDEYA agency

This award, presented by Marketing by Design, recognizes the best use of a communications program to develop and utilize a brand for a company. This year the team from the IDEYA agency presented a complete, strategic brand overhaul for the candle company formerly known as MsPinkPanther to Mixed, “Mix it Up. Light it Up”.

From left, Aurea Vasseur from Marketing by Design, Althea Alabat, Karen Velasco, Kihmary Somcio.

Best Digital Solution

Ken Jurina with Triage Creative

This award sponsored by Top Draw, recognizes the team demonstrating the best use of digital media as an integral part of their campaign proposal. Congratulations to the team from Triage Creative for their YWCA GirlSpace campaign.

From the left – Ken Jurina from Top Draw, Amber Petersen, Belle Shaw and Lexie Federkiewicz.

2018 Scholarships

The Advertising Club of Edmonton Beth McIntyre Scholarship

Lexie Federkiewicz

The Beth McIntyre Scholarship is presented by the Advertising Club of Edmonton to the student who attains the top academic achievement in the Fall Semester of the Promotional Management class. The student will also have chosen to pursue the Promotions/Advertising stream options after their third semester. This scholarship is provided in addition to the Advertising Club of Edmonton Award for the Best Overall Campaign attained by a Winter term team at the annual banquet.

Advertising Club of Edmonton President, Brenna Vroogd presenting to Lexie Federkiewicz (Left).

The Edmonton Journal Scholarship

Amber Petersen

Thanks to our sponsor, The Edmonton Journal, for recognizing the student with their scholarship for the top academic achievement award. This goes to the student with the highest course mark during this semester on all assignments. Congratulations to Amber Petersen on your success this term. Thanks to Kathleen Schirmaier from Postmedia for joining us to present this year.

The Cowan Graphics Scholarship

Julie Keyser

Congratulations to Julie Keyser for earning the top academic achievement in the Promotional Campaign Planning course in the fall semester. Thanks to our award sponsor, Cowan Graphics.

FKA Public Relations Scholarship

Thanks to our sponsor, FKA, for recognizing the top academic achievement award in the Public Relations course. Well done Rachelle Durocher on your accomplishment.

2018 Judging Panel

NAIT students and staff are extremely grateful to the industry leaders who give their time to help with our awards program. Their involvement is an integral part of the Promotional Campaign Planning course. Students who pitch their campaigns to the panel receive positive and constructive criticism to benefit their learning and their networking.

2018 Judging Panel

This year’s panel (from back left to front right):

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