Alumni profile: Jesse Tutt

Alumni profile: Jesse Tutt

Published on April 28, 2015.

The recent shift in Alberta’s economy has created new opportunities for NAIT student Jesse Tutt.

Tutt’s company, 3D Scan Experts, creates three-dimensional digital models of the interiors of houses, condos, commercial buildings and other properties. With the economic downturn, home sellers and real estate agents are looking for new and innovative ways to differentiate their properties and themselves, says Tutt.

“The tool allows you to remotely view any home, from any angle,” he says.

Tutt graduates this week with a Bachelor of Technology (BTech). He developed his business plan as part of his BTech Capstone project and launched the company in the fall of 2014 using personal savings.

Tutt’s company posts the 3D virtual tours online, allowing potential buyers to “walk” through a property without actually stepping inside. Clients can also zoom out for an overhead “dollhouse” view. The service saves time for buyers, who can preview a home in detail.

“Traditional photos generally undersell properties, resulting in great homes being overlooked - or oversell, resulting in time being wasted showing a home that does not meet the buyer’s requirements,” says Tutt.

The renderings are created using special cameras with infrared sensors and emitters that detect space and objects. Software transforms this data into 3D models. It takes two to two-and-a-half hours for a technician to scan a standard 2,400-square-foot (222-square-metre) home. This concept is not new to Canada – it’s available in larger centres including Toronto and Vancouver – but was brought to Alberta by 3D Scan Experts, says Tutt, who sourced the hardware from a U.S. company. 3D Scan Experts is the only firm offering this service to realtors in Edmonton, Calgary and Red Deer.

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