Alumni Profile: Nicole Dunlop

Alumnus profile: Nicole Dunlop


Nicole Dunlop came to NAIT in 2009 with tremendous motivation to succeed. Keen on fitness and sports, she hit the ground running when she enrolled in the Personal Fitness Trainer (PFT) program. Soon after, she successfully fought to secure a spot on the Ooks Women’s Hockey team.

After completing her PFT diploma, Nicole was not done learning. She became one of NAIT’s many diploma grads to take advantage of the institute’s flexible education pathways to achieve her goals.

Moving into NAIT’s Bachelor of Technology (BTech) in Technology Management degree, Nicole gained sharp new skills for the workplace. “Taking things like accounting and project management you see the real world situation that you’re going to be put in,” says Dunlop.

The culmination of her degree was a group Capstone project. “The project was really an opportunity to utilize the skills that we’ve learned in the BTech program to solve a problem.” Working with the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, Dunlop and her team were able to build a bench to help knee and transtibial amputees optimize their rehabilitation. “It was a pretty empowering thing to be able to do.”

Dunlop crossed the stage for the second time at NAIT’s Spring convocation 2015. She celebrated attaining her new degree, as well as two ACAC Women’s Hockey Championships. She’s not sure what the future holds but, at this rate, the sky’s the limit.

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