Renewable Resources and Environmental Services

Throughout its history, Alberta has thrived on the abundance of its natural resources. Our oil and gas reserves, fertile soil, lush forests and clean drinking water are resources that drive our economy and sustain our lives. 

The programs below will help you develop an understanding and appreciation of what our province has to offer, and teach you how to manage these resources to ensure they can support generations to come.

Alternative Energy Technology

Explore new and non-traditional energy sources in preparation for a career in the growing alternative energies sector.

Biological Sciences - Conservation Biology

Acquire skills and knowledge in biology and chemistry, communications, ethics, botany, zoology, genetics and lab techniques.

Biological Sciences - Environmental Monitoring and Assessment

Study the impact of human activities on air, water, soil and vegetation, and gain a solid foundation in environmental sampling, assessment and laboratory skills.

Forest Technology

Learn to manage forests responsibly and sustainably.

Geological Technology - GeoEnvironmental

Unlock the undiscovered potential of what lies below the surface of the Earth.

Water and Wastewater Technician

Learn the fundamental skills necessary to work in water distribution, water treatment, wastewater collection and wastewater treatment.

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