The Simulation Centre at NAIT uses a mixture of state-of-the-art equipment and standardized patient-actors to create a wide variety of real-world training scenarios. Equipped with the technology and equipment to serve multiple disciplines and programs, the Centre can cater to a wide variety of programs in the School of Health and Life Sciences.

Here is a selection of specific equipment available for use in the Simulation Centre.

19 CAE Healthcare manikins

  • Human Patient Simulator – one of the most advanced patient simulators, equipped with complex surgical, critical care and drug effect-simulations
  • Caesar – a heavy trauma manikin built to handle rugged environments and extreme temperatures
  • Lucina – the top-rated birthing simulator on the market, able to simulate realistic childbirth and obstetrical emergencies
  • Our catalogue of iStanApolloAthena and PediaSim manikins provide realistic and interactive patient experiences.

Ambulance Simulator Box – Built on a D-BOX motion platform, the box syncs with computer-programmed terrain and allows students to practice patient care in a true-to-life ambulance situation.

Driving Simulator – We put students behind the wheel of an ambulance and replicate real environments and patient transport scenarios.

Moulage simulated illness and injury makeup – A collection of realistic body illness applications are applied to actors and manikins to simulate realistic wounds and illnesses.

B-Line SIMCapture Audio/Video – Each room is equipped with cameras that connect to debriefing rooms, giving instructors the opportunity to record and break down each simulation experience with students.

Operating Room table and lights – specialized equipment available to recreate operating rooms for simulations.

Isolette Omnibed – This machine pairs an incubator with a radiant warmer to simulate a quarantined healing micro-environment for infant manikins.

Ultrasound machine – We use ultrasound to visualize muscles, tendons and internal organs and capture size, structure and any pathological lesions in real time.

Centrifuge – The centrifuge machine has a rapidly rotating container and is used by students to separate liquids into component parts, primarily with blood samples.

Treadmill – We have a specialized treadmill set up to simulate metabolic testing and cardiovascular testing for the Personal Fitness Trainer program.

Along with this specialized equipment, the Simulation Centre also uses a variety of casts, aides, monitor defibrillators, crash carts, ventilators and other standardized medical equipment to set up patient scenarios. The Simulation Centre has the flexibility to create any emergency scenario.

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