Driving Net Zero

Closing the skills gaps in low-emission medium and heavy-duty vehicles

NAIT is thrilled to invite you to our upcoming Hydrogen Vehicle Demonstration Workshops, where innovation meets sustainability.

Original Equipment Manufacturers of hydrogen fuel cells and dual fuel vehicles will co-host thess workshops to give technicians a high-level understanding of hydrogen-powered vehicles, their technology and maintenance basics. Make sure to register for an upcoming workshop and close the skill gap for medium and heavy-duty vehicles.


Upcoming Demonstrations

Register for one or more of our workshops to learn from the experts, and network with industry professionals.

  • May or September (TBD)
    • Location: NAIT, 11762 106 St. NW, Edmonton, AB, T5G 2R1
    • Presenter: AMTA - Nicola FCEV


Demonstration Highlights:

  1. Hands-on Experience:

    1. Engage in interactive sessions and activities to deepen your understanding of hydrogen technology.

    2. Get a hands-on experience with hydrogen-powered components and systems.

  2. Hydrogen Powered Vehicles: What, why and how they work.

    1. Brief overview of the demonstrated hydrogen-powered vehicle and its impact on Canada's zero-emissions goals.

    2. Current opportunities and challenges to the vehicle's use and widespread adoption.

  3. Fundamentals: Critical Differences from Conventional Engines

    1. Compare physical and operational differences between engines that use different fuels.

    2. Components and parts that are different from conventional engines.

  4. Maintenance and Servicing Basics

    1. Safe and environmentally sensitive handling and storage practices for hydrogen and diesel vehicles.

    2. Hazard assessment, safety and fuelling basics.

    3. Updates to maintenance inspection processes

    4. Standard troubleshooting methods.

    5. Predictive and prescriptive maintenance.

    6. Equipment and tools required to maintain and service the vehicles.

  5. Performance Evaluation Basics

    1. Demonstration of how performance evaluation should be done.

    2. Components of a performance test report.

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