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Open Studies Pathways

You now have an additional pathway to begin your journey in the School of Health and Life Sciences at NAIT.

How it works:

If you complete one or more of the following Open Studies courses with a final grade of 75% or greater, prior to the application deadline, you will be guaranteed an interview to any of the following Health and Life Sciences programs.

1. Open Studies Courses

Earn 75% or higher one or more of the following courses:

  • CLXT1101 – Safe Practices and Patient Management
  • MELT 1107 - Introductory Medical Laboratory Procedures
  • PHYS1112 – Physical Principles and Instrumentation in Sonography
  • RADI1130 – Image Acquisition and Quality Management
  • RESP1101 – Oxygen Therapy
  • RSCH1100 – Research in Healthcare

Entrance requirements

Successful completion of an Open Studies course does not guarantee you a seat in the program. You must also meet the minimum academic requirements to be considered for an interview. Entrance requirements vary per program, please see the How to Apply information for program-specific requirements.

You may also be eligible to receive transfer credits for these courses if applicable after acceptance into the program.

Steps to enrol

  1. On the program pages, find the course(s) you’d like to take. Make a note of the course.
  2. Create a MyNAIT Student Portal account.
  3. Now that you have an account, and you’re logged into your Portal, refer to the Enrolment Walkthrough for final steps.

You’ll need to pay your fees in full at the same time as when you enrol.