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Online NAIT Student Orientation 

Online NAIT  Student Orientation welcomes students to NAIT and provides them with the information, resources and tools they need to be successful as they transition to student life. This orientation is an online presentation that can be completed at students’ own pace and time and should be completed before classes start.

Current NAIT students can access the online orientation through the MyNAIT Portal. If you are considering applying to NAIT and would like to learn more about our programs or the student experience, please contact the Student Service Centre.

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On-Campus NAIT Student Orientation 

On-Campus NAIT Student Orientation welcomes students to NAIT in-person, helps students navigate main campus through campus tours, builds community and student engagement through planned activities, and brings students together with a free meal.  

Further details can be found on the MyNAIT Portal. 

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Program Orientation 

As part of students’ welcome to NAIT and in addition to the online and in-person NAIT Student Orientations, programs may offer a Program Orientation.  The Program Orientation provides students with detailed information specific to their program and the opportunity to meet instructors, staff and other students in their program. Students can find information about their Program Orientation on MyNAIT Portal or contact their program office to inquire further.

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International Orientation & Settlement Fair

The International Student Orientation offers a fun and engaging presentation to support new international students in their cultural transition to prepare for a new life in Canada and at NAIT. Strongly recommended for all newcoming international students.

Students will also have a chance to visit the International Student Settlement Fair on the same day to connect with a wide range of service areas and organizations that provide newcomer supports.

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Other Orientation Activities

Students can also attend other activities offered each semester. These include the Student Service Fair, where students can learn more about the many services available to help them succeed, and the NAITSA Welcome Week Activities, which happen during the first few weeks of the semester.

Early Bird Campus Tours

Our Early Bird Campus Tour is designed to support new students eager to familiarize themselves with NAIT campus before attending On-Campus Orientation. This Early Bird campus tour helps new students who might be feeling anxious about embarking on their journey at NAIT, to get acquainted with campus spaces and resources to start their term feeling comfortable and confident.

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Supporting Your Learner 

Supporters play a pivotal role in the lives of post-secondary students. Their support, encouragement and understanding can help to shape their student’s educational journey. As a parent, spouse, family member, guardian or friend of a student, you can make a positive impact and contribute to their success in a number of ways. 

NAIT offers a variety of resources and services to support holistic student success. Download our helpful Guide for Supporters below, to learn more about how you can best support your learner.      

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I find my on-campus classes?

The best way to find your classes is to familiarize yourself with NAIT before they start. Check out the online map to learn where the various buildings are. Print your class schedule with room numbers and bring it to campus. Or ask a NAIT staff member once you’re here – we're happy to help!   

Where can I get my books?

You can purchase your books at shop AT NAIT, in person or online. Shop AT NAIT has three locations: Main Campus, Souch Campus and Patricia Campus. Your booklist is available online, under the "Books and Supplies” link of your MyNAIT Portal’s dashboard. 

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How do I get a locker?

Lockers are available on all campuses and to all students. There are different processes for renting a locker depending on your campus. NAIT also offers a convenient online rental option. Learn more about renting a locker at NAIT.

Is there a gym?

Yes, there is a gym on each campus. Regardless of what campus you attend, you have access to all three gyms with your one AT NAIT card. NAIT also has intramurals, fitness classes and athletics teams.

How do I join a club or find out about NAIT events?

NAIT has almost 80 student clubs and a ton of events for you to check out. Keep your eye on your MyNAIT Student Portal account for relevant NAIT news and events and check out NAITSA’s Ookslife for all your student club and event information! 

I have a disability or a barrier to learning, is there support for me?

Yes. NAIT has a number of supports for all students with disabilities. Get in touch with us or check out our Disability Services information to get the support you need.

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