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Mental Health Resources

Resilience and well-being play an important role in students’ NAIT education. NAIT can help students recognize, improve and maintain their mental health, as well as support peers in theirs!

NAIT Resources

NAIT offers a number of resources students can access independently to support their mental health. This includes:

  • Regular events, workshops and initiatives focused on holistic well-being
  • Well-being modules
  • Access to headversity, an app designed to increase resilience
  • NAITSA’s myWellness platform
  • NAIT’s therapy dog, Flynn

Current students can access these resources through the MyNAIT Student Portal.

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The Big Mental Health Picture

Most, if not all, of the student experience interacts with mental health. While the resources on this page can support students in navigating mental health, we encourage students to connect the dots unique to them by considering the full NAIT community and engaging services, resources and people they think can help!

NAIT’s Mental Health & Well-being Strategy

Well Being Day Graphic

Related NAIT Supports

In addition to these resources, we encourage students to consider connecting with one of the many NAIT service areas that can support them!

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