Welcome to the new NAIT.ca! We encourage you to explore the site and provide your feedback.

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We encourage you to explore the site and provide your feedback.

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NAIT.ca Redesign

Delivering an outstanding digital experience

NAIT.ca is the institute’s main channel used by the public to learn about NAIT and its programs and services.

In keeping with our mandate to provide students, staff and industry with responsive, technology-driven polytechnic solutions, it was important that we improve on our old site and move to a new, more mobile-optimized CMS.

The web redesign process for nait.ca has been radical in that all aspects of the website were reviewed, evaluated and re-imagined as much as possible:

  • content, including thousands of pages, PDFs and documents
  • web functionality
  • systems integrations

Our goal has been to put the audience’s needs first and deliver a seamless, intuitive and fulfilling digital experience to our students and community partners.

We've made some big changes

There were so many considerations - big and small - that went into this project; it would be impossible to list them all. We focused our effort on areas of the site that we know would have the greatest potential impact and create the most value for our users


The homepage has been redesigned with a focus on search. The task bar features curated search terms that are based on current search queries.

The homepage includes news, events, announcements and marketing campaigns in several categories to surface the breadth and depth of activity that happens across the institute. Depending on the time of the year when users visit the site, the home page will display different information.

Program search

The program search page now includes a call to action and a link to “Explore your options”. This is with the intention to show all the different offerings and pathways available at NAIT.

The program search itself has been built using filters similar to those found in e-commerce websites and now includes filtering based on interest.

School landing pages

NAIT has four schools, each with unique programs and offerings that were important to highlight through the new design.  With that in mind, each school now has a distinct layout, with the information organization based on their goals and objectives.

New microsites

We have made some intentional decisions about separating audiences by website as the information and content required by those audiences is different and the goals for those websites differ slightly.

We call those microsites as they are still connected and related to nait.ca and content can be shared between the sites. Some of the new microsites that are part of the NAIT web system include:

Tell us what you think!

We encourage you to explore the site and provide your feedback.

Share your feedback