Program Pathways

It's your program, do it your way

NAIT is unique - not many post secondary institutions can say that they are able to offer as many options for program entry and transfer between programs to their students.

Many of our programs are designed to build on one another, and many students choose to continue their education with NAIT after they complete their first credential.

Meet with an Academic Advisor

Meet with a NAIT Academic Advisor to ask about how you can move through NAIT's programs to meet our career and life goals.

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Student Service Centre

If you have questions about fees, admissions, courses, transcripts or more, we're here to help you find the answers you need.   Find out more

Busy schedule? Can't decide what to take?

Your time is valuable. That's why many of our programs are designed to work with your schedule. You get to decide when and how you are going to complete your program.

Open Studies

Try out day, evening or online credit courses without committing to a program.

CTS Pathways

Have you taken Advanced Level CTS courses in high school and are interested in continuing a particular professional pathway? NAIT recognizes several Advanced Level CTS courses that can be used towards your education and continue to develop your career choice.

Post-secondary Credit

Use post-secondary credits taken at a recognized institute that may be accepted in lieu of academic requirements to satisfy admission requirements by some NAIT programs. You may already be ahead in a program and not even know it.

Check out the variety of programs that 24 credits of post secondary credits will allow admission to.

Placement Test

Test yourself! You can take a variety of tests, through the Assessment Centre, in English, Math, and Science to help you fulfill the entrance requirements for admission into the following programs:

Take your first step to success 

Are you missing a few courses for program entrance requirements? NAIT offers bridging programs designed for adults from various academic backgrounds to gain prerequisite entrance requirements needed for post-secondary study. We offer flexible programming to help you gain the entrance requirements you need for post-secondary programs.

Academic Upgrading

Need to upgrade or review courses to get into a diploma or certificate program? Our Academic Upgrading program is tailored to your unique goals and existing level of knowledge.

Discover even more possibilities

Once you've completed one credential at NAIT, you become qualified for additional programs. You can do two more years and get a degree after completing a diploma, you can also hone your business skills and apply your trades skills in a whole new way.

Trades to Degrees

Trades to Degrees is one of the first educational pathways in North America to allow recognized trade professionals the opportunity to progress from a trades credential to a degree program.   Find out more

Canadian Forces

As a proud supporter of the Canadian Forces, NAIT provides access to a wide variety of courses, upgrading and full-time programs to hundreds of Canadian Forces personnel and their families each year.   Find out more

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