Professional Development Day – School of Skilled Trades

Published on November 24, 2020

Thank you to all who joined us on November 27th for a day focused on your professional development. NAIT values everyone who helps support the delivery of our educational programming and we hope you will found this day enlightening. 

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Opening Sessions

  • Welcome Remarks (Laura Jo Gunter, President and CEO and Matthew Lindberg, Dean of The School of Skilled Trades)
  • Keynote Anthony Vade: “The Collision of Technology and Education – how the global pandemic has forced digital transformation”

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Breakout Block 1

Online Learning: A Decade of Lessons Learned  

Presenter: Mark Schneider
This technology centered session will focus on what has worked and what hasn’t in my own online courses over the past 8 years. Participants will acquire and share insight pertaining to ensuring students are engaged, motivated and successful while leaving with ideas and confidence pertaining to online learning, associated tech tools and keeping workload manageable.

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Building Rapport and Being a Better Listener 

Presenter: Angela Skuba
Building rapport is essential to create strong working relationships between students and instructors.  By the end of this session, you will be able to identify the techniques for building rapport and active listening that create strong working alliances.

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Time Saving Techniques for Online Instruction 

Presenter: Annemarieke Hoekstra
When you teach online, students have less opportunities to ask questions after class and are sometimes hesitant to ask questions during class. This may lead to a sharp increase in student emails and MS Teams chat inquiries. Some common time saving strategies will be presented that may reduce time spent on responding to student questions and providing students with feedback. Additionally, session participants will be invited to provide each other with tips on how to save time teaching.

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Alternatives to Multiple Choice Exams

Presenter: Ryan Buhler
This session explores different summative assessment options that could be implemented in both virtual and face-to-face classroom environments. We will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of these types of assessments, as well as, issues such as academic integrity and alignment with Outcomes Based Education (OBE).

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Connecting with Students Online

Presenter: Louise Condra
By the end of this session, you will be able to select strategies to connect students with you and with each other.

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Q&A with Scheduling

Presenter: Jennifer Croft
Come to this session to have all your burning questions answered: process, deadlines, tips & tricks. We’re also happy to talk about what things will look like over the next year as we move into 2021-2022!

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Developing Resiliency (When You’re Stressed to the Max with No End in Sight)

Presenters: Christopher Fukushima & Leanne Hedburg
Burnout is rampant as we all face the ongoing pandemic that came immediately on the heels of the transformation. So many of us are stressed to the max and it seems that there is no end in sight. So, how can we better cope? In this session, you will learn what resiliency is and how to develop it in the midst of stressful times. Indeed, the opportunity to develop resiliency only comes in stressful times. Please join us to gain immediately applicable tactics for turning stress into resiliency!

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Breakout Block 2

Using Moodle to Enhance Student Engagement

Presenter: Wes Irwin
This session provides examples of ways to design Moodle content and activities outside of your regular live class sessions that enhance student learning. We will identify the advantages of asynchronous learning as well as identify course content best suited to learning in Moodle. After taking this session you will know how to change your course format settings and “enable” MS Teams in Moodle. You are encouraged to have your own Moodle instance available during the session so you can try making some of these design changes yourself.

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Exploring and Overcoming Resistance to Change

Presenter: Monika Edwards
Ever wondered why change can be difficult – for you, for your colleagues, for your students? This session will introduce a simple formula that you can apply to change situations to identify what’s happening and what might help.

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Online learning from an intercultural perspective

Presenter: Naisa Bujold
Join NAIT’s Coordinator of Global Education, Naisa Bujold, for a brief presentation online learning from an intercultural perspective. 2020 has been an eventful year, to say the least, and in the world of education much of our focus shifted to the logistics involved in changing the mode of instruction for online or blended delivery. Now that our first term in this academic year is nearly behind us we can consider some of the benefits, challenges and opportunities of online learning from an intercultural perspective.

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Teaching Observations of Online Teaching

Presenter: Annemarieke Hoekstra
Online teaching observations of synchronous teaching sessions can resemble face-to-face teaching observations. However, teaching online often requires the facilitation of asynchronous activities as well. This session summarizes the main process of teaching observations and discusses opportunities and feedback tools for online teaching observations.

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Tools for Giving Effective Feedback

Presenter: Ryan Buhler
This session explores effective feedback and how to properly deliver it. We will discuss the effects of certain types of feedback and the situations which may warrant their use. The session will conclude by discussing key components of effective feedback which can be used to enhance your teaching and learning practice.

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Help…Computers are Taking Over My Work! (How to slide somewhat gracefully into the digital frontier that’s already here)

Presenters: Christopher Fukushima & Leanne Hedburg
Now, more than ever before, our work is done within a digital environment. And while this is true for nearly everyone who has shifted to remote work, those of us in higher ed are also responsible for supporting our students in digital literacy. By the end of this workshop, we hope you feel much less alone in navigating an increasingly digital work-world, that you have a greater understanding of what digital literacy is and why it’s important, and that you will gain helpful insights in how to help yourself and your students become more digitally literate.

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Closing Sessions

Panel “Sharing best practices and lessons learned in response to the pandemic"

Moderator: Matthew Lindberg, Dean of The School of Skilled Trades. 
Panelists: Ryan Buhler, Mark Schneider, Susan Fitzsimmons, Leanne Lee, Perry Michetti, Brie Witwer

Closing Remarks

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Please note that this synchronous learning session, including any questions or comments submitted by instructors during the session, may be recorded and made available to instructors at NAIT following completion of the session. This collection of personal information is carried out pursuant to section 33(c) of the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, for the purpose of providing reference materials for employees at NAIT. If you have any questions regarding the collection and use of this personal information, please contact: General Counsel
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