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School of Skilled Trades

Thank you to everyone who attended Virtual Program Previews! The live event is now over, but you can still access on-demand videos and resources until Tuesday, April 13, 2021.

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How to navigate the event

Once you have joined the event, there are two ways to navigate the online platform.

  1. Click on the individual booths in the main floorplan. Our programs, services and facilities booths are grouped together  for easy navigation. 
  2. Use the sidebar menu to sort by booth or category.

How to join a live drop-in session

Some of the booths will offer live drop-in session where you can chat with NAIT staff and ask questions. After selecting a booth, you can click the Join Virtual Booth link to join the Microsoft Teams conversation. Select your microphone and camera settings and then hit “join” and you’ll be given access to the booth where you can interact with NAIT staff.

 Note:  If you don’t have the Microsoft Teams app on your computer, you can simply join the meeting through your web browser. If you are using a mobile device, you will  need to download the free Microsoft Teams app from the app store.

Tips for the attending drop-in sessions:

  • If a conversation is taking place as you enter a drop-in session, please wait your turn and the NAIT staff  will hapily address your question shortly
  • When you are not speaking, we ask that you keep your microphone muted
  • We encourage you to keep your camera on
  • If you don't have a microphone on your computer or if you're not comfortable asking question using your microphone, please post your question in the chat and the NAIT staff member will address it as soon as they are able

Have Admissions questions during the event?

Please direct all admissions related questions to the Admissions Booth in the Student Services and Supports section.

Troubleshooting assistance during the event

If you need further assistance on how to navigate the event, please visit the Event Information Booth and click Join Virtual Booth. Here our staff will be happy to assist you through live chat or video chat.

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