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Samantha Richards and her son

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Scholarship and bursary support was an immense relief for Samantha Richards (Plumber '20) (pictured left with her son)  at a time when she didn’t know where to turn to get help to put gas in her vehicle or food in her fridge to feed her kids. She is forever grateful to have received financial support from donations. 

Student need for financial support is rising steadily. In 2020, applications increased by 15% but only 6% of apprentices who applied for a student award received this critical funding. As of January 2021, 5,000 apprentices were registered in apprenticeship training. Your gift
today will help apprentice students in the 2021-22 academic year overcome their financial barriers and access a better future.

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“I have always been a hard worker, but supporting my family on EI while in school was tough. Receiving a scholarship made all the difference. I am proud to show my daughter that hard work pays off. Thank you for your donation, no matter the amount.”

- Michael Gill

Photo of Michael Gill and his family

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