Student Life

Here to get down to business? Here to have fun?

You'll find everything you need at NAIT.

We have enough extracurricular activities to keep you connected and balanced, and the kinds of services that count.

Safety and Emergency Preparedness Week

Make a commitment to be safe before, during and after an emergency by attending Safety and Emergency Preparedness Week from Sept. 24 – 28.

My Everest

with Lucille De Beaudrap

Lucille will speak to the process she took to achieve her goals and her inspirational story of making it to the summit of Mount Everest.

Upcoming Events

  • Sep 24
    Safety and Emergency Preparedness Week
  • Sep 28
    Climbing to the Top: Mountains, Careers, Goals & More with Lucille De Beaudrap
  • Oct 02
    Money Talks - Crowdfunding 101
  • Oct 03
    The Art of “Ge-Shi-Do”
  • Oct 05
    Ain't No Plan Like a Business Plan with RBC
  • Oct 08
    Thanksgiving Day
  • Oct 09
    Chef Brad Smoliak's Entrepreneurial Journey

Your Student Association

We are students who are elected by students.

We want to make sure you're happy and healthy. So, we work to get you services, events and activities that will make your experience at NAIT the best it can be. NAITSA is here for you.

NAITSA has more than 60 clubs to choose from and hosts regular events on campus throughout the year.

Recreation & Fitness Facilities

Dip into the pool, take a spin class or meet your buddies for a workout in the gym. Students have access to all fitness facilities and intramurals, plus discounted rates on all registered classes and personal fitness training sessions.

Because sweating it out is good for your brain.

Ooks Athletics

We're good. Plain and simple.

How good? We have over 200 ACAC provincial team and individual medals and have won 30 CCAA national championships in badminton, hockey, curling and soccer. Plus, we're ranked as one of Canada's top ten college athletic programs.

Student Engagement

Connect with NAIT

The NAIT Student Engagement team helps students connect with each other and the institution. We help students find and build community, develop leadership skills, meet likeminded individuals, and transition into life at NAIT.