The Spirit of Giving

No matter what you celebrate, the spirit of giving shines bright

A donation to the NAIT Fund goes beyond its dollar value. For NAIT students like Vance and Lady Lexely, your donation isn't simply cash in hand. When you give, you validate students' hard work. You inspire confidence. You motivate and encourage them to reach their full potential. With you in their corner, they know they can conquer any challenge.

A gift today sparks a better, brighter future for NAIT students

This holiday season, you can give the gifts of time, tuition, books, tools, shelter, transportation, clothing, food, encouragement, motivation, and more. 


84 donors raised $19,360 in support of this project.

This project ended January 31, 2023.

Two NAIT students with text that reads,

Vance and Lady Lexely have both received donor support that has given them the tools they needed to succeed at NAIT and get some peace of mind. Read more about Vance, Lady Lexely and the impact of giving below. 

Gifts you can give this season

Through the generosity of NAIT Fund donors, we’ve been able to give NAIT students awards and respond to their emerging or urgent needs through emergency bursaries, mental health programming and technology resources. This kind of support often means the difference between a student thriving in their studies or dropping out of classes entirely.

With no administrative or processing fees, 100% of your donation goes to supporting students. You can feel confident that your gift will make a real, lasting impact on students when they need it most.

It's about more than dollars

In life, your feelings go up and down and you encounter problems, which is normal. But I have to say, receiving that one email gave me my momentum back.

Lady Lexely Bangayan

Lady Lexely's quote sums up both the financial and emotional impact donor support makes. NAIT students tell us that donor funds give them:

  • Time to devote to their studies
  • Tuition
  • Confidence
  • Books and other school supplies
  • Tools for their trade
  • Food
  • Validation
  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Gas
  • Car payments
  • Bus passes
  • Encouragement and motivation
  • Clothing
  • Tutoring
  • The ability to conquer challenges
  • And more

Your impact on student award recipients

Vance Monaghan working in the machinist lab with his teacher

As a student award recipient in the Machinist program, I know how your donations enhance the student experience. The donor funded awards I’ve received have given me the gifts of confidence in developing my skills, validation that all the hard work I put in during my studies was worth it, and confirmation that I made a great choice in both a career and my school.

Vance Monaghan, 3rd Period Machinist Apprenticeship Student

Lady Lexely Bangayan finishing her homework in a student common area on NAIT's main campus

The bursary I received gave me the gift of time. When I found out I was receiving the bursary, I took advantage of enrolling in the spring semester. By doing so, it spread things out enough that it lessened the stress of a full course load and freed my time to find a program-related job, which is a graduate requirement for me.

Lady Lexely Bangayan, 2nd Year Diploma of Business Management Student

End the year with an impact

No matter what you celebrate around this time of year, the spirit of giving remains the same.
Your gift can help make a student’s future brighter.

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