You are a piece of the NAIT puzzle

Thank you for your essential support!

Donors like you make dreams attainable, from scholarships and bursaries for students to helping underprivileged kids attend NAIT summer camps.

In gratitude, we wanted to share just a few of the many impactful moments from the past year.

A family's dream comes full circle

“It means a lot that people choose to donate to the next generation. It inspires me.”

Scholarship recipient Austin Torres is following his late-mother’s example by attending NAIT to create a better life.

Without the generosity of NAIT donors, he believes he would have struggled to make his dreams a reality. He vows to pay that support forward in the future.

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The home of the future

“One of our greatest successes was learning how to speak the language of each other’s discipline to be truly collaborative.”

With advancements in technology, what will residential homes be like in the future? To answer that question, Cisco asked NAIT students from different disciplines to work in teams to collaborate on innovative designs.

See the grand prize-winning  concept, created by Lizzie Sinn and her team, which explores the full potential of smart tech and energy efficiency.

Helping kids thrive

“Every kid should have access to recreation summer camps.”

Shannon Butler believes children have unlimited potential. That’s why the Butler Family Foundation has sponsored NAIT Summer Camps for over 200 kids since 2012.

See how we're helping kids thrive together.

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Dogs with a cause

Together, we’re helping dogs access life-saving blood.

NAIT’s first-ever crowdfunding campaign raised thousands of dollars to help support dogs in need of blood donations.

See how donors made it ‘pawsible’ for the Canine Animal Blood Bank to partner with Dogs with Wings.

Real-world application

“If you're not actually there, how do you know if your app works?”

A team of talented NAIT students built a mobile app for the Banff Commonwealth Walkway. When the time came to launch it, they wondered if it actually worked.

Thankfully, RBC Future Launch was there to help the team test it in real time and in the real world.

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