Business Model 101 with Startup Edmonton

  • Feb. 05, 2020
  • 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
  • CAT309D

In this hands-on workshop, we’ll use our favourite tool to map out 9 key considerations for your business, product or project idea. By the end of the session, you’ll have clear next steps on how to move your idea forward.

Some of the topics include:

  • Who your customer is and how to reach them
  • Different sales models and pricing
  • How to define your unique value
  • How does the session help you go from idea to a plan?

If you’re just getting started, the Lean Canvas is the perfect tool to structure your thinking and challenge yourself to think in a new way about your idea. Once you have all your thoughts on paper, the final step is to set priorities to gather real facts on each section before you invest too much time or resources.

How does the session help if you already have a business or product?

If you already have a product or a business, the Lean Canvas is a great tool to reimagine the possibilities of success using a proven startup methodology. Maybe you want to go after a new customer, or you are considering a pricing change. This 1-page tool isolates the opportunity and gives you space and structure to make an exciting change based on facts.

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