Lessons Learned from the Trenches --> A Path to Your Vision

Successful entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs (entrepreneurial thinking within an organization) are outcome-driven, mission-driven, dedicated, service-oriented, possessing extraordinary skills. Each of these traits are openly rewarded and supported in members of the military.

Everyone knows that members of the Canadian Special Forces unit are the top-shelf, crème de la crème. They are hand-picked people trained to serve in this Avant Garde unit.

Justin Yaassoub served in Canada’s special forces from 2012 – 2017. In this session Justin will share his experiences. He will focus on leadership lessons from the Special Forces community and how they can transfer to your day to day life. Justin Yaassoub will discuss what Warrior leadership is and bring it all together under the necessary attributes that a leader must possess – Empathy, Courage, and Self Sacrifice.

Justin is a lifelong student of leadership who is fascinated with the notion of what makes people respond and react to other human ideas, suggestions, and commands. He is the director of All-Around Consulting - providing leadership and team development guidance to small businesses and emerging leaders.

Having an entrepreneurial mindset, creativity and drive does not equate to success. To be successful, entrepreneurs must also be strong leaders. The Mawji Centre is committed to building exceptionally strong leaders and allowing them the opportunity to develop their skills and excel.

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