Students sharing messages of thanks

Published on January 24, 2024

NAIT students benefit from receiving student awards funded by thoughtful individuals and organizations. We recently asked some recipients about their student award experiences. Read on to learn how your generosity has impacted them.


Student smiling at something in the distance

“It was such a relief when I learned that I had received a student award. It has help to feed my family and pay bills. Nothing is more appreciated by a working-class fellow. Thank you for helping make ends meet and eliminating stress so I can focus on my studies.

“In the future, I want to be gainfully employed in my field of study and ideally my management experience will assist in finding a great position.”

Kyle Walker, Heavy Equipment Technician student
TELUS Friendly Future Foundation Social Impact Award recipient

Student a desk in graphic communications lab

Graphic Communications student Ayanna is one step closer to her future thanks to a NAIT student award. Her goal is to break into the graphic design and production industry and do work that will allow her to be creative and make an impact.

“Understandably, I was excited and proud to receive a student award. I would like to say thank you, because it is an incredible feeling to know that not only did you achieve something, but you also have more mental space to think about your schoolwork rather than the upcoming wall of debt.

“Student awards allow students, who may have stressed about financial burdens, the opportunity to achieve more than they may have thought possible.”

Ayanna Fata, Graphic Communications student
Canadian Printing Student Award recipient

student at an outdoor skating rink in winter

“I was interested in studying Architecture, and after some research I discovered NAIT’s Architectural Technology program, which fit my educational goals.

“I was extremely happy to receive this award because it will help pay for a significant portion of the tuition for my 2nd year. Thanks to this award I can focus more time on schoolwork, rather than jobs.

In the future, I would like to work for an architecture company that helps renew and brings life into older buildings and may continue my education to become a registered architect.”

Daniel Drabik, Architectural Technology student
Leo LeClerc Scholarship recipient


For Hanna, receiving a Baker’s Club Entrance Award validated her efforts to get into NAIT’s Baking and Pastry Arts program and continues to fuel her goals of owning her own bakery in the future.

“When I found out I received a student award, I was so excited and surprised because I have never received an award before and because I worked so hard to get into the program. I would like to thank every person that helped me get to this point and let them know that it truly helped me start on my post-secondary pathway.”

Hanna Appleton, Baking and Pastry Arts student
Bakers Club Entrance Award recipient