The NAIT Fund empowers student success

Published on July 04, 2024

New writing centre piloted 

“It’s really helpful to boost confidence.”

Thanks to the NAIT Fund, this January the new NAIT Writing Centre opened its doors as a pilot project to enhance student learning. Located in the NAIT Library, the new centre provides a safe, inclusive, and cooperative resource for students needing help with writing projects.   

“Writing support is central to students' success at NAIT, and the funding we have received has directly supported additional peer and professional tutoring hours,” says Belinda Wang, the centre’s coordinator. “We are so grateful for these donations that have enabled the library to enrich the student experience at NAIT.” 

The centre has already seen great success with 151 appointments and drop-ins over a 4-month span, during which students receive help with research, writing and communication skills. The feedback from students has been positive and appreciative. 

“Using this service gives us the opportunity to share and talk in a comfortable environment,” says one student.  

In 2023-24, 221 donors gave $81,755 to support students through the NAIT Fund.

The NAIT Fund empowers students by supporting high priority areas to help them succeed. From helping pilot a writing centre to providing healthcare students with anatomy models, donor support is central to students’ learning.  

“It’s really helpful to boost confidence,” adds another. 

To ensure that the centre can continue to provide this highly needed support for students, Embark Student Foundation has donated an additional $250,000 over the next 5 years to NAIT. The funding will help increase the centre’s hours and continue to provide the resources necessary for students. 

“We are so grateful for these donations that have enabled the library to enrich the student experience at NAIT,” says Belinda. 

From head to toe: Anatomy models valuable to hands-on learning

“Students can explore and learn at their own pace.”

As part of their education, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) students need a solid understanding of the human body. That’s why 3-dimensional anatomy models used in classrooms play such a pivotal role in helping them locate certain body parts to prepare them to someday perform scans on patients in a real hospital or lab setting.  

“There is something about touching and feeling the landmarks on bone/muscle models that helps students transition to viewing and thinking about anatomy in different planes on MRI images,” says Rachel Bensen, instructor, Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 

Despite having access to these tools in class, students needed them outside their scheduled lab time. And thanks to NAIT Fund donors, the library was able to step in to help by acquiring 14 anatomy models – including hip, knee, foot, arm, elbow and hand models. Students can also scan and download a smart device app to aid their learning through augmented reality and gain access to images at any time when the physical model is not available. 

“Students can explore and learn at their own pace, on their own time, taking away the stress and anxiety of having limited access to the models,” says Rachel. 

These anatomy models provide so much value to student learning that the library is looking to expand the collection in the coming year. 

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