Alumni Award Nomination Form

Call for Nominations

Do you know an inspiring NAIT alumni who’s making a meaningful impact in their career, industry, or community? If so, nominate them for our Alumni Awards using the form below.

The nomination deadline for the 2025 Alumni Awards is May 31, 2024.

Nominations received will be considered for our 2025 Alumni Awards and for up to three years.

This form will be used for all three awards and your nomination will be directed to the award(s) most applicable.

NAIT is committed to advancing equity and celebrating the diversity of our alumni community in this nomination process. We especially encourage applications from First Nations, Metis, and Inuit people, Black and racialized people, gender and sexually diverse (2SLGBTQIA+ and women) people, and people with disabilities.

Distinguished Alumni Award

Awarded to alumni recognized for their truly outstanding professional accomplishments. This lifetime achievement award recognizes individuals renowned for their leadership roles, industry expertise and merit. Nominees demonstrate significant service to NAIT and the community.

Alumni Award of Excellence

This award recognizes the significant contributions made in recent years by NAIT alumni to their profession or community. This can be a recent one-time contribution or contributions made over a period of time.

Spirit of NAIT Alumni Award

This award recognizes the outstanding achievements of NAIT alumni early in their careers. This award is presented to alumni within 12 years of graduating from NAIT.

Nominator Information

Please have the ‘primary nominator’ (that is, the individual completing the nomination form) fill out the fields with their information. If you are completing the form on behalf of a group, there will be space below to indicate other supporters for the nomination.

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Nominee Information

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Award Information

Consider sharing: What makes them inspiring? What impact have they made? What differentiates them from others? How do they go above and beyond?
Please focus on the support they’ve provided to the NAIT community and the involvement they’ve had with NAIT since graduating.
We ask that you avoid using professional jargon and acronyms that may not be known by a general audience.
How did you hear about the Alumni Recognition Awards?:

Once you submit your nomination, it will be sent to our Alumni Relations team for review with our selection committee. Selected award recipients will be notified by December and will be announced publicly in late April during our NAIT Celebrates campaign. If you have questions about the nomination process, please email us at


Please note

Individuals currently employed by NAIT or serving on the NAIT Alumni Association Advisory Committee or NAIT Board of Governors are not eligible for nomination. Active politicians who are currently campaigning or in office, including individuals in political positions at a municipal, provincial, or federal level, are not eligible for nomination. We reserve the right to not move nominees forward in the event they are deemed to be in direct competition with our preferred affinity program partners. To learn more about how the recipients are chosen, visit Alumni Awards.