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We collaborate with many partners and institutions within our networks to help solve industry’s challenges, enabling industry to be globally competitive.

We are a team of passionate scientists, engineers, technologists, technicians and research administrators.

Driven by industry’s needs, we enable practical innovation in our focused research areas  to develop solutions that address industry challenges. We deliver meaningful impact to the businesses and communities we partner with.

We are subject matter experts who know how to apply the practical knowledge and expertise that we have gained through applied research projects, to develop and share professional upskilling and reskilling needed by industry.

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Full nameTitleResearch centre 
AJ SharpeSenior Software DeveloperCentre for Innovative Media
Amanda SchoonmakerNSERC Industrial Research Chair for Colleges in Boreal Reclamation and Reforestation Centre for Boreal Research
Andrea Sedgwick Ledcor Applied Research Chair in Oil Sands Environmental Sustainability, Manager, Technology Access Centre for Oil Sands SustainabilityTechnology Access Centre for Oil Sands Sustainability
Ba Thuong LeResearch AssociateCentre for Boreal Research
Bin XuNSERC Industrial Research Chair for Colleges in Peatland RestorationCentre for Boreal Research
Binyam TedlaResearch AssociateCentre for Boreal Research
Bob BattleResearch Technician Technology Access Centre for Sensors & System Integration
Christopher SongFood ScientistCentre for Culinary Innovation
Danish DarProcess Engineering SpecialistClean Technologies Team
Dave BlaineGIS AnalystCentre for Innovative Media