Research Areas

NAIT has expertise in circular economy, cleaner energy, digital and virtual environments, food product development, industrial process automation, land management and restoration.

Circular Economy

As a trusted partner in Alberta’s and Canada’s innovation ecosystem, NAIT works with industry to develop solutions that support these goals.

Cleaner Energy

NAIT applied research provides services and expertise to help reduce, mitigate or eliminate negative impacts of energy industry activities.

Digital and Virtual Environments

NAIT applied research is helping companies develop and advance their digital technologies and efficiently visualize and analyze their data.

Food Product Development

NAIT works with industry to apply novel ingredients and develop new techniques, creating foods that taste amazing, leading to enhanced food experiences.

Automation and Digitization

NAIT works with industry to develop solutions that support sensor system applications.

Land Management and Restoration

NAIT is focused on strengthening Alberta’s and Canada’s natural resources sectors and the industries that support them.