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A $10 million, ten-year research collaboration to advance the reuse and recycling of plastic in Canada and around the world.

Almost 80% of all post-consumer plastics in Canada currently end up in landfills. Innovative thinking is critical to address this complex societal issue.

As a polytechnic, NAIT is dedicated to helping industry develop practical, impactful solutions to address their specific needs and challenges. 

In the largest applied research partnership in NAIT’s history, the polytechnic has partnered with Inter Pipeline, a world-scale energy infrastructure company developing North America’s first integrated propane dehydrogenation and polypropylene complex, to advance the reuse and recycling of plastic in Canada and beyond.

In partnership, NAIT and Inter Pipeline are developing solutions to ensure that waste plastics are reused as a valuable resource in the development of other products, while reducing their environmental impact.

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Listen to the November 19, 2020, virtual one-year update on the PRIA research initiative. 

shredded plastic Photo courtesy the Alberta Plastics Recycling Association

Current applied research initiatives

microplastics research initiative Photo courtesy Inter Pipeline

Identifying and monitoring microplastics in water.

NAIT Research team:
Dr. Paolo Mussone, Applied Bio/Nanotechnology Industrial Research Chair, and the Centre for Sensors and System Integration

In collaboration with Dow Canada

Microplastics Research Project: River Sampling

Learn more about the microplastics in water project

Microplastics Research Project: Analysis of Samples

Learn how Dow Canada’s analytical capabilities are contributing to the microplastics in water project


Identifying opportunities for the reuse of plastic waste in other products, with an initial focus on testing recycled plastics in asphalt.

NAIT Research team:
Dr. Adetoyese Oyedun

In collaboration with GreenMantra Technologies, McAsphalt Industries Limited​
Strathcona County and Sturgeon County

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