Archie Roberts

Architectural Technology ’69

Published on January 31, 2019

Distinguished Friend of the Institute ’96, Board of Directors 1991-94

A leadership coach with a passion for building things, Archie Roberts is paying forward the mentorship that began in his grandfather’s workshop and continued with his first boss in the construction industry.

Proving a quick study, Roberts launched Intex Construction in 1983, which thrived through the recession, earned him a nod as Edmonton’s Small Businessman of the Year in 1985, and was eventually sold to Ledcor Industries.

Later reviving the Intex name, Roberts launched a construction management consulting practice that merged in 2006 with Pivotal Projects Inc. , gaining national reach. Still actively guiding up-and-comers through the World President’s Organization, in his own family and at Pivotal as a senior adviser, Roberts’ passion for building clearly extends to people as well.

“It keeps me young, vital, thinking,” he says.

— Cheryl Mahaffy