Carol Blake

Dental Laboratory Technology ’84

Published on January 31, 2019

Carol Blake’s decision to join the Canadian military in the late 1970s set her on a path to become a dedicated community-builder.

“I learned so many valuable lessons in the military, but the most important is that it’s not all about you,” says Blake, who trained in a unit that delivers supplies and equipment to front line troops.

Since then, that philosophy and skill set have motivated her to lead fundraising efforts amounting to more than $250,000 for schools in her hometown of Kincardine, Ont., on the shores of Lake Huron.

It has also influenced her professional life. Just like in her military days, Blake keeps on the move, this time through nearby countryside with her mobile dental technician business, serving the dentists and denturists responsible for rural communities.

As resourceful as she is conscientious, Blake also uses the route to spread the word about programs she supports that encourage health and fitness and environmental conservation.

— Sandy Robertson