Daniel Wai Yuk Yeung

Dental Laboratory Technology ’81

Published on January 31, 2019

Alumni Award of Distinction ’06

As the youngest of 14 siblings, Daniel Yeung learned that collaboration is the only way to get things done.

“I am lucky to have learned these lessons, because I continue to apply them to my work."

Once, it saved his career. After Yeung got his first job as a dental technician in 1981, a downturn led to layoffs. “I was saved because one of our clients said they wouldn’t work with anyone but me.”

Since becoming president of Universal Dental Laboratories, a provider of dental services and products, he continues to put people first. Yeung is known as a student mentor and adviser, and as a tireless community volunteer. As the only dental technician in the Edmonton and District Dental Society (most members are dentists), he contributes to the Shine for Dentistry Program, which offers dental care to Edmonton’s less-fortunate youth.

— Sandy Robertson