Dave Buchaski

Electronics Engineering Technology ’84

Published on January 31, 2019

Diagnostic medical sonography students benefit every day from the impact Dave Buchaski has on campus.

A long-time electronics aficionado, Buchaski now teaches, mentors, funds and promotes NAIT ultrasound students – helping to prepare them for roles in Alberta’s vital allied health-care sector.

(Because of his efforts, his employer, Philips Healthcare, also pitches in with resources, including state-of-the-art sonography equipment.)

Buchaski also keeps NAIT instructors current by arranging seminars and bringing in stellar speakers. For him, the key is to not just promote reliable, upgradeable equipment, but to ensure it is understood by staff– and so by the grads that NAIT produces.

“No matter how good the technology is,” he says, “it’s no use unless we empower the people who use it.”

— Cheryl Mahaffy