George Rogers

Business Administration – Accounting ’80

Published on January 31, 2019

Born in a Jamaican village, George Rogers knows what it is to go without. So it’s a point of pride that as an elected official, first for the City of Leduc and now as MLA for Leduc-Beaumont, he has helped lay the groundwork for communities to enjoy improved quality of life.

Trained as an accountant, Rogers turned to real estate, and then public office, to work more closely with people. Attracting record-setting vote tallies, he served as Leduc alderman then mayor while active in the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

“I grew up in Leduc, and back then we had to go to Edmonton for almost everything,” he recalls. “Today it’s all available right here, and a lot of the decisions I’ve been a part of led to that successful growth.”

— Cheryl Mahaffy