Kees Cusveller

Building Construction Engineering Technology ’80

Published on January 31, 2019

The construction industry can’t afford to stand still, says Kees Cusveller, vice president of business development and pre-construction services with the Graham Group.

“We need to be able to compete with the international firms that are starting to move in.”

To him, that means evolving in every aspect of the business, including productivity, safety, and environmental and social responsibility. Cusveller’s own successful career gives that point of view credibility.

After holding increasingly challenging positions at PCL Construction, he led Graham Group’s Calgary expansion, growing its annual revenues in the city from less than $30 million to $275 million in a decade.

Now, he also applies that same lead-the-charge mentality to a passion for volunteering (which, incidentally, has roots in his 1979-80 tenure as president of the NAIT Students’ Association) with construction associations and to developing building-related programming in post-secondary education.

— Cheryl Mahaffy