Kevin Martin

Petroleum Engineering Technology ’87

Published on January 31, 2019

Honorary Bachelor of Technology in Technology Management ’10, Alumni Award of Distinction ’11

As an 18-year-old from Lougheed, Alberta, Kevin Martin faced a tough choice: play collegiate hockey in Red Deer or Medicine Hat, or curl at NAIT.

Luckily for Canadian curling, he chose to go with who he calls “Canada’s best curling coach,” NAIT’s Jules Owchar – who likened Martin to a young Gretzky.

Martin’s instructors also recognized his potential on the ice and teased him about how much time he spent at the rink. “I was there for the education,” says Martin, “but … I was living at the Avonair [Curling Club] the whole time.”

Today, Martin has yet to work in his field of study. Instead, he earned rock-star status as a curler, winning Olympic silver and gold, four Briers and numerous tournaments on the world curling circuit.

“It was a good decision made in the fall of ’84,” says Martin with a chuckle.

— Ruth Juliebo