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Published on April 18, 2022
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Meagan Schroder

Meagan Schroder (Bachelor of Applied Business Administration-Accounting '08) is partner/owner of Roth Schroder Professional Corporation. They offer expert advice, cloud and paperless solutions, and don’t just “do the books”. Their easy bookkeeping process allows clients to focus on what they do best: run their business. They use a unique and laid-back approach that has clients returning for their tax and year end services. Their business expertise has given them the ability to design and build efficient systems and processes for clients. And, as former CRA auditors, they have exclusive ability to help clients through a CRA audit (we’ve now overturned $1M in tax adjustments. No. Big. Deal). The best part is they do all the above while having fun! From community involvement to nerdy accounting outings with their team, they don’t just sit at desks punching numbers all day!

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