Chantel Gladue

Applied Financial Services '18

Chantel Gladue

Published on May 06, 2019

At 15, Chantel decided it was her dream to work in a bank. But life had a different plan.

In her early 20s, Chantel gave birth to her son and had to juggle between being a single mom and working in various roles to support her family.

Eventually, Chantel enrolled in academic upgrading and started looking for her career path.

“Once my son got a little more independent, I decided to get back into school and make that career happen,” Chantel explains. “I knew I wanted to find a career that I was going to love and be able to interact with people.”

Advice to students
"Stay dedicated to your studies and when life throws you curveballs, open up to your instructors – they want to help you succeed.”

In 2017, Chantel decided to study at NAIT and obtain a one-year certificate in Applied Financial Services, allowing her to fast track her career, boost her confidence and gain valuable work experience.

Learning at NAIT

While at NAIT, Chantel benefitted from classes in the Scotiabank Banking and Stock Trading Lab that simulated a financial institution customer service environment. Her instructors also became key to her success, and she was fortunate to receive personal guidance and support to help remove academic obstacles.

“Without their help and guidance, I really don’t know how my experience at NAIT would have turned out,” confessed Chantel. “I am grateful to have met them and their instruction has helped so much in my current role.”

Chantel also excelled in the program’s interview event with multiple financial institutions. That day, she received several job offers with many financial institutions. Chantel decided to accept a 1-year position at Scotiabank as a customer service representative, where she has also been a client.

Career and future plans

“Retail banking was the perfect choice for me not only because I have extensive customer service experience, but I can put a smile another person's face and make them feel valued,” says Chantel. “It gives me great satisfaction to show someone that they are appreciated.”

But it was the marketing that really caught her eye.

“After taking a marketing course as part of our program, I am interested in getting my diploma in marketing and working towards getting my Bachelor of Business Administration degree,” explains Chantel.

In fact, her part-time job involves travelling to different events and as a brand ambassador for Tim Horton’s.

Long term, Chantel would love to combine her passion for marketing with her experience in financial services, looking to Toronto where financial institutions hire marketing professionals.