CAE Healthcare and NAIT announce simulation research partnership

Published on May 10, 2017

CAE Healthcare and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) announced today that they have entered a simulation research partnership to improve healthcare education and patient safety, including support for NAIT’s simulation research initiatives.

An international leader in the field of simulation-based education and training for healthcare, CAE Healthcare has also certified NAIT as a CAE Healthcare Centre of Excellence. NAIT students and industry partners now have access to some of the most advanced medical simulation technology available as a result of the innovative partnership.

The School of Health and Life Science’s 560-square-metre (6,000-square-foot) multi-disciplinary simulation centre at Main Campus is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology that enhances teaching and learning capabilities. This technology – including some of the most advanced medical manikins available – allows students to practice realistic scenarios in a controlled environment and be better prepared to work with real patients.

The high fidelity manikins and equipment in the School of Health and Life Sciences include:

  • The CAE HPS, an advanced patient simulator with working cardiovascular and respiratory systems that react to anesthesia and other medications.
  • CAE Caesar, a trauma patient simulator that can simulate severe injuries, such as severed limbs.
  • CAE Lucina, a childbirth simulator that can simulate both normal delivery and emergency situations.
  • The CAE Vimedix Ultrasound Simulator, a comprehensive simulator with 3D anatomy that accelerates the development of skills needed to assess and diagnose patients.
  • Surgical Cut Suits developed by Strategic Operations (STOPS) that are worn by actors to provide students the ability practice emergency or trauma procedures.

This partnership with CAE Healthcare allows NAIT to continue to expand its medical simulation program and recognizes the polytechnic as a global leader in advanced medical simulation.


Rick Trimp, Dean, School of Health and Life Sciences
“This new partnership is another example of how NAIT and the School of Health and Life Sciences are leaders in higher education and essential to Alberta. The leading-edge simulation technology available to our students and staff is second to none in Canada, and will ensure our graduates are equipped with the skills to succeed. Through applied research with CAE Healthcare, NAIT will also help improve healthcare technology and delivery for all Canadians.”

Dr. Robert Amyot, President, CAE Healthcare
“The leadership of NAIT and the School of Health and Life Sciences is forward-thinking, driven to push the boundaries of healthcare simulation to develop new, evidence-based practices and training technologies for tomorrow’s clinicians. As a CAE Healthcare Centre of Excellence, NAIT will offer a real-world test lab for interdisciplinary, simulation-based education that will advance healthcare and patient safety.”