Centre for Boreal Research

The Centre for Boreal Research  is an innovative applied research facility in Peace River, 500 kilometers northwest of Edmonton, staffed with a team of research scientists and technicians with professional designations in forestry, biology and agrology. The Centre for Boreal Research also hosts the Boreal Forest Plant and Seed Technology Access Centre (TAC).

The facility is 9,000 square feet, includes two laboratories, office space for 15 people, an outdoor growing space and a three-bay greenhouse that features computer-controlled humidity, temperature and lighting. The Centre for Boreal Research is an Approved Seed Testing Facility. The facility was funded by NAIT, Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education, and the Canada Foundation for Innovation, with industry funding from Shell Canada and Penn West Petroleum.

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Advancing research in boreal reclamation and peatland reforestation

Our mission is to promote the informed use of boreal resources through applied science, education, and partnerships with industry, government agencies, practitioners and academic partners.

Boreal Forest Plant & Seed Technology Access Centre (TAC)

The TAC conducts applied research and knowledge transfer of innovative technologies that facilitate the use of native species in reclamation.

Our Team

Our amazing and highly qualified team of scientists and specialists helps meet the needs of industry and Albertans

What we do

NAIT is making a difference in one of the world's largest ecosystems -- Canada's boreal forest. We're leading applied research in reclamation of oil and gas sites

Work with us

With joint funding from the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada and industry partners, the institute has established two Industrial Research Chairs for Colleges to advance research in boreal reclamation, reforestation and peatland restoration.

The Centre for Boreal Research is instrumental in providing novel, scientifically proven, and cost-effective reclamation methods, products, and education for industry in four key programs.

Peatland restoration

Peatland Restoration 

We work with industry to advance technologies in peatland reclamation and management to reduce the ecological footprint on boreal peatlands. Reclamation of altered landscapes in northern Alberta is becoming increasingly important as the regulatory requirement become more stringent.

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Forest reclamation

Forest Reclamation 

We work with industry to innovate boreal reforestation methods to improve reclamation success while reducing management risks and costs. The boreal forest is increasingly fragmented due to the cumulative effects of oil and gas, forestry, utility and pipelines, and resource roads. Reclamation and reforestation of industrial disturbances in Alberta’s boreal forest is vital to the forest’s long-term health.

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Plant & Seed Technologies

Boreal Forest Plant & Seed Technology Access Centre (TAC)

We work with industry to develop practical methods and techniques for the collection, treatment, and delivery of native boreal shrub, forb, and graminoid species for reclamation. The TAC supports development of plant and seed delivery businesses within First Nation Bands and M├ętis settlements, as well as development of technology solutions for incorporation of traditional values in forestry and re-vegetation practices.

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Research Extension and Education

Research Extension and Education 

We promote the timely publication of relevant applied research to enable industry to meet ecological reclamation and reforestation standards on forest and peatland sites throughout Alberta. The Research Extension and Education program works collaboratively with centre researchers and external partners to develop knowledge exchange products to communicate applied research results, regulations, and reclamation best management practices.

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Technical Notes

We have produced numerous technical articles showcasing specific developments, techniques and procedures.


Our talented team of researchers and scientists have authored several peer-reviewed papers available for download and review

Field Guides

The NAIT Centre for Boreal Research has produced Field Guides available for download.