Centre for Innovative Media

NAIT’s Centre for Innovative Media is an applied research centre working with industry to co-develop software and content innovations.

We are  focused on helping industry partners understand the innovative software tools available to transform their operations. After initial consultation, our team works with these partners to develop the software and content they require.

  • Innovate -- Develop and expand strategies for innovations in platform and content.
  • Prototype -- Develop software prototypes, pilots, and proof-of-concept elements to improve product and market fit.

Our Expertise

Our team can assist partners in the design and crafting of a wide variety of interactive experiences including: virtual reality, gamification, user experience and more

Our Projects

Check out a few of our projects both on the software and hardware side. From virtual reality systems to advancing internal prototypes.

Working with Industry

NAIT does not take an ownership stake in Intellectual Property (IP) development. NAIT’s applied research services model ensures all IP that is developed in partnership with industry is exclusively retained by the industry partner.

  • Fund -- As a recognized polytechnic institute, NAIT is approved to receive and manage research funds from several provincial and federal programs, reducing the cash commitment necessary from industry to engage in applied research projects. We work with industry partners, to help determine appropriate funding programs and assist in completing applications.
Working with Industry
  • Connect -- We work with other innovation service providers in Alberta, giving our industry partners a single point of contact and access to experienced project management that ties into the broader innovation network.
Motion capture camera

Our Advantage 

NAIT’s Centre for Innovative Media is funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), under the Innovation Enhancement (IE) Grant program.

The objective of IE Grants is to increase innovation at the community and/or regional level by enabling Canadian colleges to increase their capacity to work with local companies, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The grants support the growth of applied research capacity, leading to increased business collaborations that facilitate commercialization, as well as technology transfer, adaptation, and adoption of new technologies. Our team can help businesses grow in capacity and skill so they can develop the software solutions they require.

Our focus is on moving platform innovations along the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) scale. Typical projects will be in the TRL 2 to TRL 6 range – we move prototypes along far enough that the businesses we help can confidently complete them, using the skills and expertise shared with them by the centre.