Microgrid Laboratory

NAIT Microgrid Laboratory

A custom-designed space powered directly by solar panels, a battery energy storage system and a combined heat and power generator


NAIT Main Campus
Edmonton, Alberta


1,700 sq. ft.

What this space offers

The microgrid laboratory provides an isolated residential-scale electrical system with a unique plug-and-play interface that allows for the testing and validation of new technologies in a fully controllable electrical environment. The microgrid is equipped with multiple Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) as well as programable load sources supporting fully customized load flow and energy simulations.

Suitable for:

  • Research and development testing
  • Pre-market validation studies
  • Energy transition planning
  • Solar/battery system sizing and design

Select equipment and features

  • 60kW solar generation (via solar panels located on the side wall of NAIT’s Productivity and Innovation Centre)
  • Battery bank with 20kW output capacity and 26kWh of storage capacity
  • 35kW Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generator
  • Siemens and Schneider microgrid controllers
  • Two programable load banks (13.5kW each/27kW peak load)
  • Two plug stations for 3-phase integration of user devices
  • Photovoltaic Simulator to simulate a solar source up to 15kW peak
  • 200A grid interconnection to increase lab’s flexibility