NAIT’s 5G Hub powered by Rogers Business

Additive Manufacturing Facility

From small-scale testing to field deployment


NAIT Main Campus
Edmonton, Alberta

Suitable for:

From small-scale testing to field deployment, NAIT’s 5G Hub, powered by Rogers ​Business, offers the necessary capabilities to yield successful results.

What this space offers

NAIT's  wireless technologies lab owns and operates two private 5G networks designed to fuel innovation of 5G-enabled technologies. A fixed Stand Alone (SA) private 5G network located at NAIT’s Productivity and Innovation Centre (PIC) and a private fully portable 5G network that provides a connectivity solution in any location.

Both environments allow for testing and validation of industrial applications in everything from advanced manufacturing and autonomous vehicles to fully immersive augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) for the gaming and digital media industries.

The 5G networks also provide an opportunity for NAIT to develop training courses for decision makers across all industry sectors who are impacted by the rollout of 5G technology, and for technical personnel responsible for 5G network deployment and maintenance. NAIT students also have opportunities to explore a 5G network in a working environment. 

When you partner with us, we can help develop:

Test Case Services

  • Coverage studies
  • Throughput studies
  • Latency studies
  • Mobility studies
  • Product integration & testing

Feasibility Study Services

  • Integration of customer devices and applications
  • Test setup in our labs or in the customer location

Enablement Services

  • Workshops in NAIT / partner locations including training through the Nokia Bell Labs 5G Certification
  • Hardware and physical setup of a wireless kit
  • Bring a wireless or connectivity solution kit into operation
  • Configure and operate a kit
  • Deliver rapid proof of concept services