Understanding Oil Sands Tailings Data

collage of photos showing oil sands tailings work being done

Course overview

Understanding the lab techniques used to characterize a tailings deposit can greatly assist with data interpretation and decision making in tailings management. This training will cover what each test method is, how the data is collected, the source of errors with each measurement, how to check whether the test is reliable and how to interpret the data.

The techniques covered include:

  • Subsampling and homogenization
  • Solids content and density measurement
  • Dean & Stark
  • Particle size measurement
  • Methylene Blue Index
  • Total suspended solids
  • Dissolved organic carbon
  • Major anion and cations in water

With the knowledge and skills gained in this course, you will better understand how to perform QA/QC on routine tailings characterization data and be able to interpret the lab data in tailings and reclamation plans.

“Dr. Kaminsky is both engaging and informative in conveying the challenges involved in generating tailings lab data on which we, as technical staff, depend.  I left the course more informed and wiser on the things I can do, as the sample requestor and data customer, to ensure I receive reliable lab data to support me in technical analysis and decision making.” 

Trevor Bugg, P.Eng., M.Sc.

“Dr Kaminsky is the "Queen of Clay" in oil sand industry, her passion is contagious.”

Ben Xie, P.Eng, Ph.D.

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