Research Extension & Education

The Centre for Boreal Research is a leader in applied boreal reclamation research, and it is one of the centre's key mandates to communicate research findings to reclamation practitioners and the general public.

What we do

The Research Extension and Education program works collaboratively with centre researchers and external partners to develop knowledge exchange products to communicate applied research results, regulations, and reclamation best management practices.

The Research Extension and Education program is jointly funded by the Boreal Forest Plant and Seed Technology Access Centre (TAC), industry partners and NAIT.

Research Extension & Education

Our Mission

We promote the timely publication of relevant applied research, best management practices, new policy, and regulations. We connect practitioners, industry, policy makers, and the public to boreal forest reclamation research.


  • Rielle Massey-Leclerc, Research Extension and Education Coordinator
  • Dr. Jean-Marie Sobze, Plant & Seed TAC Lead
  • Dr. Kevin Kemball, Director of Business Development


  • Dr. Brad Pinno, Assistant Professor, University of Alberta
  • Dr. Erin Fraser, Senior Reforestation Specialist, Alberta Agriculture and Parks
  • Dr. Simon Landhäusser, Professor, University of Alberta
  • Dr. Dani Degenhardt, Research Scientist, Canadian Forest Service, Northern Forestry Centre

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