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Preparing students for Canadian academic success

Are you new to studying in Canada? Take part in NAIT’s Culture and Transition program to build confidence and connections, and ensure you are ready to start your academic journey at NAIT.  

New students from different countries and educational backgrounds may encounter barriers and challenges to their success when studying at a Canadian educational institution. NAIT’s Culture and Transition (C&T) program supports international and newcomer students to overcome these barriers and eases their academic and cultural transition process.  

What is the program made up of?

Different ways to learn! 

Engage in the program online and in-person through our self-paced modules on Moodle and by attending in-person workshops.  We encourage you to participate in both to get the most out of the program.

Complete different learning activities and workshops to earn your badge of completion and  for your chance to win. Learn more below. 

Develop knowledge and skills in the following areas: 

  • Intercultural awareness  
  • Classroom expectations at NAIT 
  • Academic integrity 
  • Effective learning strategies 
  • Academic citation 
  • Public speaking strategies 
  • Library research skills 
  • Technology for learning 
  • ​Student wellness resources and tools  

Culture & Transition (C&T) Online Course

In the self-pace, online portion of the C&T program, learners will have the opportunity to explore the following topics:  

  • How culture impacts a newcomer’s transition experience? 
  • Canadian social and historical context and the importance of Truth and Reconciliation in Canada
  • Student Rights and Responsibilities at NAIT
  • Practical post-secondary academic skills and tools which include APA citation, critical thinking skills, group work tips and skills, library research skills, strategies for effective post-secondary learning, and more!  

Culture & Transition (C&T) In-person Workshops

The C&T program also offers a series of in-person workshops scheduled throughout the semester. These workshops will focus on learning through discussions and hands-on activities. The C&T workshop topics include:  

  • Canadian social and historical context
  • ​How to prepare for your cultural adjustment 
  • The NAIT classrooms 
  • ​Student supports you should know as an international student 
  • Library tour
  • Technologies to support your learning 
  • Why are networking skills important for your career in Canada? 
  • ​Understanding job search in Canada 
  • The importance of student well-being 
  • Study skills refresher  
  • Group work in Canadian classrooms 
  • Interpersonal Communication Norms in Canada  
  • Immigration rules for studying and working as an international student 
  • Strategies for preparing a class presentation 
  • ​APA citation 
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Who is this program for?

This program is designed to provide NAIT students from different cultural and educational backgrounds with tools to enhance their academic experience, and it is FREE!  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate in the C&T program?

The C&T program is designed primarily for NAIT students from different cultural and educational backgrounds (e.g. international students, new immigrants, and anyone new to studying in Canada) to familiarize themselves with NAIT’s academic environment.  

Is there a pre-requisite to participate in the C&T program?


Is there a fee to participate in the C&T program?

It's free!

Is there a deadline for completing the C&T program path (i.e. earn badges)?

There is no deadline for completing the C&T program path; however, only students who complete the path or earn badges in one semester (Fall or Winter) will be entered to win prizes.

How do I track my C&T program path progress?

Once you start participating in any C&T activities, you will be added to the program path tracking. Select “Culture & Transition Program” from the dropdown menu to view your progress. 

View progress  

If you are unable to view your path progress, please email

What if I miss an in-person workshop but I really want to learn about that topic?

Some of the C&T workshops are offered more than once in a semester, and are offered again in the upcoming semesters. 

Find out about upcoming C&T workshops

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