TVET and Capacity Building

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is an efficient way for employees to develop new skills while also upskill or reskill to increase productivity.

  • Various organizations, both private and public, have benefited from NAIT's TVET and workforce training. Combine and customize NAIT's existing courses and programs to solve your training problems.
  • We will help you develop training that teaches people the skills they need to accomplish their  personal goals and drive business results for your organization. 
  • TVET training can be developed by NAIT for a variety of different skillsets – from skilled trades to business strategy.  Ensuring students develop knowledge and skills that are relevant to the current needs of your organization is critical to achieving success.
  • Our custom TVET training helps students develop the specific skills necessary to overcome the unique challenges faced by an industry or organization.

Tailored TVET training aligns workforce skills with your operational requirements, providing people with employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

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Capacity Building

NAIT’s Capacity Building Model has been developed to address the need of a more efficient, modern and relevant TVET training institution. We are capable of providing cutting-edge training that responds to industry demands.

Our model focuses on four key components to address TVET development:

  1. A strong curriculum validated by industry, ensuring a high degree of credibility and recognition for your organization.
  2. Expert instructional staff – with technology and training methods. Students will receive top-notch training and be able to implement their skills immediately.
  3. Practical training resources, technology and facilities capable of meeting industry standards. We have the necessary technology and facilities to help your training program advance your economy and community.
  4. Organizational structures and strategies designed to fully support the TVET training process. NAIT’s experience and resources ensure your program will result in successfully trained workers that are ready for work.

These four components are supplemented by quality industry connections and significant certification and accreditation processes.

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NAIT’s Methods of Supporting Capacity Building & TVET Training

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Competency- Based Education and Training Curriculum (CBET)

Creating a vibrant and relevant technical training program requires a high level of industry involvement in the curriculum design, instructional delivery and overview process. Our programs are developed with industry’s input and our curriculum research is industry driven to create enterprises that compete worldwide.

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Organizational Development/ TVET Leadership Development

NAIT services also help develop a variety of TVET organizational processes for planning, structuring and managing a responsive, cost-effective, quality-assured training function.  Local leaders and managers will develop their own capacity to run a TVET centre of excellence that meets international standards.

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Instructional Development

NAIT works with its partners to develop teaching/training staff with expertise in both technical and pedagogical skills that utilize a learner-centered approach. Through a train-the-trainer program we will prepare your teaching/training staff to develop students who can deliver relevant skills to the local community.

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Industry Impact & Feedback

NAIT takes special care in measuring the impact of its CBET initiatives by utilizing survey instruments with industry partners and graduates, ensuring your program has feedback to become even stronger in the future.

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Infrastructure / Facility Design / Technology

NAIT will help identify the training equipment, simulation software and other resources required to support effective program delivery. Students will emerge from your program trained on the tools and equipment needed to get the job done.

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Certification and Accreditation

NAIT ensures that programs of studies prepare graduates for the world of work and that programs are recognized by other training and industry-based agencies. We help enable your organization with highly credible training which enriches your local workforce.

Corporate Training

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