Enrolment Deadlines

Some programs require students to self-enrol in their classes, whereas other program areas complete class enrolment for their students (program-enrol). Your course enrolment method will depend on your program. Use the Program Delivery page to know your program's course enrolment type. Please note that your enrolment method may be subject to change.

If your program is self-enrol and you do not enrol in your courses by the deadline, you will be withdrawn from your program. New students will need to reapply to their program (including paying the application fee), and continuing students will need to complete a readmit process in order to continue their studies. Please note that readmittance is not guaranteed.

New students

After you have accepted your offer of admission to NAIT and paid your tuition deposit, check your course enrolment method. If your program is listed as self-enrol, you will need to enrol in your courses online by the deadline shown below. These deadlines are based the date on the Program Acceptance e-letter you received in your MyNAIT Portal.

If your program is program-enrol, this means your program will enrol you in your courses and you do not need to worry about class enrolment. 

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Winter 2023

Date on Acceptance E-Letter Enrolment Deadline
On or before October 1, 2022 November 1, 2022
October 2 to December 6, 2022

December 7, 2022

December 7, 2022 or later Within 24 hours of acceptance
Tuition deadline: December 7, 2022  

Spring 2023

Date on Acceptance E-Letter Enrolment Deadline
Before March 1, 2023 April 1, 2023
After March 1, 2023

April 12, 2023

Tuition deadline: April 12, 2023  

Current students

If you are a current NAIT student (you have completed one or more terms) and your program is self-enrol, your enrolment deadline is the tuition payment deadline. If you do not enrol in your fall or winter courses before your enrolment deadline, you will be withdrawn from your program. Please note that enrolment in the spring term is optional for continuing students.

Check your program's enrolment method

Students in program-enrol programs do not need to worry about class enrolment as their program will enrol them in their classes. 

Log in to student portal for enrolment dates

Dropping a class

If you wish to drop a class from your schedule, we encourage you to drop before the posted drop deadline. Drop deadlines vary depending on your class. You can view the deadlines for each class in your MyNAIT portal Self Service, Manage Classes section.

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