Credit for Work or Life Experience

What is Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

NAIT recognizes that knowledge and skills are gained in different ways. To support our community of learners, NAIT will occasionally award appropriate credit or recognition for prior learning obtained through work experience, non-credit courses, training, and professional certification. This process is referred to as Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR).

Course credit may be granted to applicants who have presented suitable evidence that their skills and knowledge are equal to students who have completed the curriculum, based on the outcomes identified for each course.

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When can I request PLAR credit?

Students must have been accepted to their NAIT credit program before submitting a request for PLAR credit. Open Studies students are not eligible to apply for PLAR credit as they have not been accepted to a NAIT program.

We encourage you to request PLAR credit as soon as possible to support your education planning. It will take approximately 6 weeks to complete your PLAR credit assessment from after you have submitted a complete application and paid the PLAR assessment fee.

Which courses are available for PLAR credit?

Not all courses are available for PLAR credit. The following program have set up PLAR assessments for some of their courses. To see which courses are available for PLAR credits and the required evidence for each course, please visit the program page and select the Courses and Advanced Credit tab to learn more. 

How to Apply for PLAR Credit:

  1. Access your program page and review the information under the Advance Credit - PLAR (Prior Learning and Assessment Recognition) section. If you have any questions, contact your Program area.
  2. Determine the course(s) that you may be eligible for PLAR credit. There is a $230 PLAR evaluation fee per course.
  3. Gather all required evidence (unless the required evidence is a challenge exam or an interview with the program area).
  4. Complete and submit the PLAR Credit Request form along with all required evidence to
  5. Monitor your MyNAIT portal and pay the PLAR credit assessment fee by the posted deadline.
  6. Check your email for updates and any required follow-up actions.
  7. You can enrol in your classes to secure your spot while you are awaiting a decision. Please note that tuition will not be refunded if you withdraw from your courses after 12% of the courses have passed.

PLAR Credit Process and Timeline

Who What How Long
Student Review Advanced Credit-PLAR information the program page to determine eligibility for PLAR credits Depending on the student
Student Gather all required evidence (unless the evidence is a challenge exam or interview with program area) Depending on the student

Submit complete application package to

  • Completed PLAR credit request form
  • All required evidence (unless the evidence is a challenge exam or interview with program area)
Depending on the student
NAIT – Registrar’s Office Post PLAR evaluation fee to student account Up to 3 business days
Student Pay PLAR evaluation fee within 7 calendar days (if applicable) 7 days
NAIT – Registrar’s Office
  • Determine validity of submitted evidence
  • Determine if program evaluation is required
  • Notify program area if program evaluation is required
Up to 2 weeks
NAIT – program area
  • Conduct evaluation
  • Submit completed documentation to the RO
Up to 3 weeks

Impact to student full-time status

Advanced credit may help you achieve your educational goals sooner, but it may affect your eligibility for student awards and funding. Please refer to the Student Awards and Funding Options page for more information on the required course load for each award and funding option. For international students, changes to your enrolment and credit load may impact your eligibility to work while studying or to apply for a Post-graduation Work Permit once you complete a program. Review IRCC website or NAIT Immigration and Visa Requirements webpage for more information.

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